Future Prospect

Our current major tasks are as follows

To conduct referral pathology testing services

To promote new research in pathology technology and promote its outcome

To conduct research in public health and preventative medicine

To promote disease prevention, newborn screening,health checks, and other health services

To conduct testing for environmental hazardous substances in the human body

To assist in training and exchanges of pathology related medical updates among technicians in public and private hospitals

To organize pathology related academic research and work development

In the future, we will continue to work with the spirit of responsibility and conscientiousness to: provide high quality pathology reports; develop new testing and applications for screening rare genetic diseases, thus providing more benefits to newborns; utilize the latest medical techniques in developing new tumor gene detection tests, thereby providing the needed information for clinical cancer target therapy; and to establish a platform that meets international standards. The words “From the society, to the society” or giving back to the community, by thriving for and guarding the health of our fellow countrymen, has become our ultimate goal. It is the hope of TIP to continuously expand pathology services to the society.